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本文摘要:China’s homegrown answer to SpaceX has outlined plans to invest $1.5bn in a space travel and future technology theme park, as the group prepares for manned tests of Asia’s first near-space tourism project.一家被称作中国SpaceX的公司简要讲解了耗资15亿美元修建一个太空


China’s homegrown answer to SpaceX has outlined plans to invest $1.5bn in a space travel and future technology theme park, as the group prepares for manned tests of Asia’s first near-space tourism project.一家被称作中国SpaceX的公司简要讲解了耗资15亿美元修建一个太空旅游和未来科技主题公园的计划。该集团于是以打算为亚洲首个将近太空旅游项目展开载人试验。

Hong Kong-listed KuangChi Science has already conducted unmanned tests for a high-altitude balloon called the Traveller. 在香港上市的光启科学(KuangChi Science)早已已完成了旅行者号(Traveller)高空气球的无人驾驶试验。It is equipped with communications and weather-monitoring components, but is also intended to take tourists to 24km above the earth.这种高空气球装载着通信和天气监测设备,但也想将游客送来上24千米的高空。

Manned tests are planned over the next two years, the company said.光启科学称之为,将在未来两年内展开载人飞行中试验。Chinese media has dubbed the company’s chairman, Liu Ruopeng, the Elon Musk of China, referring to the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.中国媒体将光启科学董事长刘若鹏称作中国的埃隆马斯克(Elon Musk),后者是特斯拉(Tesla)和SpaceX的创始人。

Shenzhen-based KuangChi is developing a range of what it calls future technologies, including a powered exoskeleton suit. 总部坐落于深圳的光启科学正在研发一系列未来技术,还包括一款动力外骨骼。It has made several overseas acquisitions and launched a $50m investment fund targeting technology start-ups in Israel, with plans to establish a second fund soon.它在海外并购了几家技术公司,还成立了一支5000万美元、专门投资以色列高科技初创企业的投资基金,计划迅速成立第二支基金。While its goals are less ambitious than projects such as Virgin Galactic — which aim to propel tourist-laden crafts across the 100km-high Karman line into what is officially considered space — KuangChi is among several private projects attempting to send leisure passengers to twice the altitude of commercial aircraft.虽然光启科学的目标没SpaceX和维珍银河(Virgin Galactic)那样远大——这两家公司期望推展载有旅客的飞船跨过海拔100公里的卡门线(Karman Line)、转入月的太空——但它跻身数个私营部门项目之佩,目的把休闲娱乐旅客送来上两倍于商业飞机飞行高度的高空。

The plans come as SpaceX has suffered a series of challenges. 光启科学发布上述计划之际,SpaceX遇上了一系列挑战。Its pilotless Falcon 9 rocket exploded on its Florida launch pad last week, and in June a cargo flight bound for the International Space Station broke apart in mid-air.上周,SpaceX的一枚无人驾驶的猎鹰9号(Falcon 9)火箭在佛罗里达州的发射台上发生爆炸;去年6月,SpaceX的一枚火箭在向国际空间站(International Space Station)运输货物途中解体。The Kuang-Chi group, parent company of KuangChi Science, said the space and future park it plans to build in the Chinese city of Hangzhou will showcase technologies, including a ride designed to give visitors the sensation of space travel in the Traveller balloon.光启科学的母公司光启集团(Kuang-Chi group)回应,计划在中国杭州修建的这座太空旅游和未来科技主题公园,将展出各种技术,还包括一种能让游客们感觉到自己正在搭乘旅行者号气球游览太空的仿真飞行中装置。Set up in 2010, the company bought a majority stake last year in Martin Jetpack, which makes an individual flight craft. 创办于2010年的光启科学,去年并购了个人飞行器制造商Martin Jetpack的多数股权。

It also bought a stake in a Canadian company that produces a hybrid aircraft called Solar Ship.它还并购了生产混合动力飞机的加拿大厂商Solar Ship的部分股份。



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